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I’m a creative person. I guess you didn’t expect less of me.

I observe everything. Everything.
I will not overlook a redesigned logo from shops, a bad kerning fact a word, the combination of colours and patterns of the clothes of my neighbour, the poor design of a restaurant menu … Yes, the food can be everything good it is; but I care more about the readability of the menu.

Distinguish shades of colours that the average human can not appreciate. This has caused more than an endless discussion between my friends. They are wrong, it’s turquoise green, it’s not green.

I examine each brochure, flyer, business card or advertisement. When I like one, I keep it as a treasure.

I love bookstores.
Yes, I love books, but I especially like lost among the shelves and discover original cover designs of books through illustrations, shapes, textures or materials that are made.

Don’t send me to buy at the supermarket. I will not return.
I will spend a lot of time looking over aisle by aisle selecting products just for its creative label or packaging design.

And of course, I love coffee.
Do you want to talk about your project having one?


Sara Bayo, Graphic Designer.

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