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Client: Dissertation Project presented for ELISAVA, University School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona and the University in Southampton, England
Project: Digital platform of books and magazines about design, art, illustration and photography.

The project consisted in the idea of conceptualization, naming, logo, mockups and layout designs, making a website and promotional campaign.

DIFFICULTIES: Public libraries with very few books in these areas, loss of time in journeys, students and professionals with limited resources cannot afford to buy books of these specializations because they are very expensive and the search on Internet can make us lose a lot of time (dispersed information).

GOAL: Create a digital payment platform to facilitate the access to books and magazines in the areas of design, art, illustration and photography to all professionals and students in these areas. The access to media could be allowed anywhere and at any time. At the same time, we create links between professionals and students using tools to share lists, write comments and access to social networks.

PLATFORM: Design based on floating windows and icons that it could be customizable using templates. The users could create custom lists of consulted books, open discussions, write comments on each book consulted, mark fragments books texts, save it and recommend media to others platform users.

What’s more, was designed a website to promote and download the application as well as a viral marketing campaign.

This was my dissertation project created together with Georgina Lozano.