Creative Natives Visual Identity

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‘Creative Natives’ is a space where we give young people (15 to 24 years old) in the risk of social exclusion and homeless, the opportunity to grow their creative potential confidence and connections in an Art and Design studio. They encourage and nurture their creative ideas as well as offer guidance and support to ensure young people attain the most out of their experience and move onto a positive destination.

Project Brief:
As a starting project, it lacked a visual identity. My task was to develop a comprehensive visual identity along with artwork for future applications.

Creative Approach:
To resonate with the essence of youth and creativity intrinsic to the studio, the design aimed to capture the diverse personalities of the young participants while reflecting their shared background. Inspired by the dynamic style of Spanish Designer Javier Mariscal, the handcrafted typography embodies elegance and playfulness, characterised by organic curves that reflect energy and movement.